why this blog

life thoughts

I want this space to be myself. where i can share my journey, memories, ideas and etc. lot of things in my mind which i think by writing can help clear my thoughts whether it’s about work, life, memories, or ideas on my mind.

this is just my personal space, where i can share my thoughts about everything. I will try to be myself unfiltered as much as possible.

to be honest, i want this space to structure my thoughts. i just want my life to be meaningful, having a purpose. the purpose was / is to do something meaningful with my knowledge (work or life) to help people in someway. but lately feeling messed up in personal life relationship. no one to understand me clearly (as being very complex person with very layers). maybe i don’t express myself clearly, hence this blog to clear my thoughts. and on work front, have some relative good knowledge and thoughts / ideas but it’s time to prove myself to me (not anyone).

just want the best version of myself for my family and to others (again no filter or an act but just being improved version - day by day) and help others through my work.

so, will take this space seriously and will be sharing all my thoughts, life experience, memories, ideas about things i’m doing or want to do.