SVG bits

cross platform desktop app
which make it easy to work with svg (icons)

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see what's new in v0.1.0

built using electron and Angular2


  • Add and Manage multiple svg (icons) folders
  • search icons in selected folder

Color picker to change svg icon colors (preview in real time)

switch b/w designer and developer mode

Automatic Updates (windows version)

Card image cap

Developer Mode
  • drag-and-drop icons to code editors (e.g. sublime text editor) (if editor doesn't support drag-drop text e.g. visual studio code, can insert/place code using past command i.e. ctrl+v)
  • format icon to different programming languages (currently by default svg optimized code is generated)
Designer Mode

drag-and-drop icons to design apps (e.g. adobe illustrator, inkscape)

tip use ctrl+shift+i to open Chrome DevTools