Dual Boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.10

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Recently i installed both Operating systems windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.10 on my home computer and thought someone like me who needs two systems on their machine can benefits from steps on how to do dual boot.

Why need both ?

for me personally i prefer my software development work on Ubuntu. the command line / terminal use is awesome and i personally like look and feel of new Gnome and customisation it gives. it feels natural not forced to do development on Linux based system where are tools git, ssh, npm, angular, tensorflow are all natively supported on Ubuntu and in fact supposed to be running on a Linux based server in the end.

on windows i enjoy using apps like Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator for design part / make prototypes, for video editing and using apps like Netflix and games which are not yet available on Ubuntu. i know there are alternatives like inkscape, gimp or gravit designer and some apps for video editing too.

What we need

Steps to create bootable pen drives (Ubuntu or Windows 10)

Steps to install Ubuntu on your machine (do this first for dual boot)

Steps to install Windows 10 on your machine