Introducing SVG bits


electron angular2 svg svg-bits

from past few weeks, i am working on a side project SVG bits

Need ?

i prefer using svg icons wherever i can (using as icons in web application, designing interfaces in Adobe Illustrator) instead of icon fonts. you can compare both here.

but can’t find any good app to view, search, and convert svg icons in windows. so i made it myself. it’s open source and built on electron.


  • Folders
    • Add and Manage multiple svg (icons) folders
    • search icons in selected folder
  • Color picker to change svg icon colors (preview in real time)

  • Automatic Updates (windows version) - on new release, app will notify and install new update.

  • switch b/w designer and developer mode

  • Developer Mode
    • drag-and-drop icons to code editors (e.g. sublime text editor) (if editor doesn’t support drag-drop text e.g. visual studio code, can insert/place code using past command i.e. ctrl+v)
    • format icon to different programming languages (currently by default svg optimized code is generated)
  • Designer Mode
    • drag-and-drop icons to design apps (e.g. adobe illustrator, inkscape)

Features in Upcoming Releases

  • search svg icons & packages (open source) within app (like package manager but for svg icons)
  • add new code output formats

Download Github Repo